Attempting system crash test...


This test uses about a dozen common pieces of code which test browser bugs. If this crash test crashes your browser, you should upgrade it. You may be at this page because you are choosing to test your browser, or maybe just because the server doesn't like you.

Trying con/con crash (various Windows)... FAILED

Trying invalid JPEG Crash (NS 4.5+)... FAILED

Trying bewm! Crash (NS 4.7)... bewm!@#$ FAILED

Trying bewm!2 Crash (NS 4.5 and earlier)...


Trying Internal Parser Crash (NS 4.04+)... [an error occurred while processing this directive]

Trying NetBunny's Big Form Crash (some IE5)...

Trying IMG Width Crash (some IE)... FAILED

Trying ClassID Crash (IE)... FAILED

Trying EMBED SRC Crash (IE 4.0)... FAILED

Trying Object Data Loop Crash (various o/s)... FAILED

Trying flash crash (some IE 5+)... FAILED

Trying Self Referenced Frames Crash (various o/s)... FAILED

Unable to Crash System. Congratulations!